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Call for Papers

Papers dealing with fundamental research and application of Materials,Materials Processing, Design, Manufacturing and Automation will be considered for publication in the conference proceedings and presentation at the conference, including but not limited to£º

(I) Advanced Engineering Materials

(01)  Composites  
(02)  Micro / Nano Materials   
(03)  Iron and Steel
(04)  Ceramic 
(05)  Metal alloy Materials 
(06)  Biomaterials
(07)  High Performance Elastomers & Polymers 
(08)  Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials
(09)  New Functional Materials   
(10)  Building Materials 
(11)  New Energy Materials    
(12)  Environmental Catalysis and Environmental Friendly Materials
(13)  Earthquake Resistant Structures, Materials and Design
(14)  Biomaterials
(15)  Chemical Materials
(16)  Thin Films
(17)  Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Science, Engineering & Technology
(18)  Textile Materials
(19)  Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems
(20)  Other related topics

(II) Materials Processing Technology
(21)  Surface Engineering/Coatings  
(22)  Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
(23)  Materials Forming 
(24)  Materials Machining
(25)  Welding & Joining
(26)  Mechanical Behavior & Fracture 
(27)  Material Design of Comupter Aided 
(28)  ToolingTesting and Evaluation of Materials
(29)  Microwave Processing of Materials
(30)  Laser Processing Technology    
(31)  Theory and Application of Friction and Wear
(32)  Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Optimization and Control     
(33)  Thermal Engineering Theory and Applications
(34)  Precision Manufacturing Technology and Measurements
(35)  Material Physics &. Chemistry
(36)  Dynamic Analysis of Processing

(III)  Advanced Design Technology

(37)  Innovative Design Methodology
(38)  Product Life Cycle Design
(39)  Intelligent Optimization Design
(40)  Structural Strength and Robustness
(41)  Reverse Engineering
(42)  Green Design and Manufacturing
(43)  Design for Sustainablility
(44)  Machinery Dynamics
(45)  New Mechanisms and Robotics
(46)  Driven Train Mechanisms
(47)  Complex Electro-mechanical System Design
(48)  Advanced CAE Technique

(IV)  Advanced Manufacturing Technology

(49)  Bionic Mechanisms and Bio-manufacturing
(50)  Virtual Manufacturing and Network Manufacturing
(51)  Remanufacturing Engineering
(52)  Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies
(53)  Digital Manufacture and Management
(54)  Quality Monitoring and Control of the Manufacturing Process
(55)  System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
(56)  Production and Operation Management
(57)  Green Supply Chain
(58)  Manufacturing E-commerce System
(59)  The Internet of Things
(60)  Computer Aided Manufacturing Engineering
(61)  Mechatronics
(62)  Industrial Robotics and Automation
(63)  Machine Vision
(64)  Sensor Technology
(65)  Microelectronic Technology
(66)  Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems
(67)  Transmission and Control of Fluid
(68)  Mechanical Control and Information Processing Technology
(69)  Embedded System
(70)  Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment
(71)  NEMS/MEMS Technology and Equipment
(72)  Micro-Electronic Packaging Technology and Equipment
(73)  Advanced NC Techniques and Equipment

(V)  Other Related Topics

(74)  Other Related Topics

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